Digital Footprint DATA enables lenders issue more loans and better manage credit quality. We help reduce the 3 most common mistakes in every lending business:

false positives

lending to not creditworthy applicants

false negatives

declining loan to creditworthy applicants


lending to people who have no intention of repayment

Such mistakes can be avoided by collecting significantly more information about the people that apply for credit. When the additional insights are included in credit underwriting, lenders are able to make more informed and hence more profitable credit decisions.

Our solution monitors the loan applicant’s behavior on your web page and gathers up to 5,000 additional data points from a variety of online sources for each borrower (social media, blogs, Google, IP address and device databases, statistics offices, home address specifics, etc.). We also check the validity of e-mail addresses and existence of phone numbers as well as various types of fraud (e.g. unusual behavior on page, etc).

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Integration of the solution takes just a few hours after which it can be automatically used for every new loan application. We offer 14 days free trial for all new customers.

Our DATA solution users have a possibility to automatically upgrade to the Digital Footprint PREMIUM solution after 6 months of usage. The PREMIUM solution includes bespoke machine learning algorithms that are calibrated for specific business needs.

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